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Making magic happen since 2016.
By medical students, for everyone.

A podcast produced by the University of Alabama at Birmingham's medical students covering the incredible and often hidden stories of medicine, medical school, and Birmingham.

Executive Board

More students make the magic happen each month than we can feature on this page. Find our full contributor list here.
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Ryan Murphy

Executive Producer
Third year medical student expert in the art of one handed photography.
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Corey Duke

Senior Producer/Webmaster, Founder
MD/PhD student passionate about disco music, neuroscience, and disco music. Founder of Magic City Medcast, former Executive Producer.
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Jeff Singer

Senior Producer
Hello ladies. MD/PhD student.
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Bigyan Mainali

Senior Producer
Fourth year medical student on paper, martial arts legend in his heart.
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Alex Harrelson

Senior Producer/Editor
Second year medical student, below average fashion sense, above average love for music.
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Rahul Gaini

Senior Producer
Dog dad first, third year medical student second.
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Andrés Camino

Senior Producer
Second year medical student, full time lover.

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