#8: Mental Health in Medical Training

In this episode, we take a look at mental health concerns in the field of medicine. We hear from two medical students about their paths in managing mental health illnesses during their scholarly careers, as well as UAB counselors and a previous residency program coordinator fielding questions pertaining to concerns about seeking help and the potential impact on a medical career.

This story was produced by Ryan Murphy and Rahul Gaini with help from Sanders Pair. Edited by Ryan Murphy. Special thanks to Adam and Alexandra for sharing their stories, and to Dr. Stowe, Dr. Frazier, and William Pair for sharing their insight and stories with us. Check out the resources linked below for more information on mental health.

Mental Health Resources:
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
UAB Student Counseling Services: (205) 934-5816

The following resources are also available for UAB School of Medicine students:
UAB School of Medicine Professional Development Office: (205) 731-9799

SAAD, or Students with ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression, is a support group founded by for medical students led by medical students. The organization is meant to serve as a confidential, students-only environment to bring students together to speak about issues and problems they are facing. Support group meetings are open to all medical students regardless of diagnosis history. Contact Information: Alexandra Fry – alifry@uab.edu

The Mind, Body, Medicine course is a medical student elective that aims to enlighten students about various relaxation and mind and heart-regulating techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and activities that foster connection with nature. The course has now expanded to the Huntsville campus as well and will be taught during the special topics week in the fall. The goal of this course is to provide medical students with tools to help maintain a balanced and relatively stress-free life, that they can continue to use throughout their medical career.

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