#9: Mental Health in Medical Training – Follow-up Discussion

In this follow-up piece to the Mental Health in Medical Training episode, we take a look at some common barriers students struggle with when making the decision to seek counseling for mental illness. UAB counselors share their perspective on some common concerns with seeking counseling, as well as some advice concerning effective and healthy coping[…]

#8: Mental Health in Medical Training

In this episode, we take a look at mental health concerns in the field of medicine. We hear from two medical students about their paths in managing mental health illnesses during their scholarly careers, as well as UAB counselors and a previous residency program coordinator fielding questions pertaining to concerns about seeking help and the[…]

#6: Deep Brain Stimulation

In this episode we look at a relatively new treatment for a debilitating neurologic condition. We hear from people deeply affected by the disease and those that care for them. And get some surprising insight from a first year medical student. Photo caption: MSTP student Sanders Pair after his White Coat Ceremony. Credits: This episode[…]