#9: Mental Health in Medical Training – Follow-up Discussion

In this follow-up piece to the Mental Health in Medical Training episode, we take a look at some common barriers students struggle with when making the decision to seek counseling for mental illness. UAB counselors share their perspective on some common concerns with seeking counseling, as well as some advice concerning effective and healthy coping[…]

#8: Mental Health in Medical Training

In this episode, we take a look at mental health concerns in the field of medicine. We hear from two medical students about their paths in managing mental health illnesses during their scholarly careers, as well as UAB counselors and a previous residency program coordinator fielding questions pertaining to concerns about seeking help and the[…]

Departing Words: Robin Lorenz

We sit down for an extended conversation with Dr. Robinna Lorenz, M.D., Ph.D., as she steps down from her post as Director of UAB’s Medical Scientist Training Program and Physician Scientist Development Office. Credits: This episode was produced by Corey Duke with help from Jeff Singer and Morgan Zipperly who helped develop the interview questions.[…]

#5: Humanism

In this episode we highlight a special event known as Solidarity Week, honor the life of Arnold P. Gold, and explore the true meaning of humanism in medicine. To learn more about Solidarity Week and the Arnold P. Gold Foundation visit www.gold-foundation.org. Credits: This episode was produced by Corey Duke and Alex Reddy with help[…]

#2: The Dog Bite Surgeon

This episode explores Birmingham in the early 1960s through the lens of one incredible surgeon’s story. Dr. Herschell Lee Hamilton, UAB’s Dog Bite Surgeon, is pictured above. Learn more about his legacy and an endowed scholarship established in his name here. Credits: This episode was produced by Ali Simpson, Betsy Birchall, Jui Paul, and Corey[…]

#1: Volker

Our first episode explores the namesake behind Volker Hall, the building that houses UAB’s School of Medicine: Joseph Volker. Dr. Joseph Volker shortly after taking office as UAB’s first president. Reproduced with permission from the UAB Archives. Credits: This episode was produced by Jeff Singer, Alex Reddy, Sebastian Chung, and Corey Duke. It was edited[…]