#9: Mental Health in Medical Training – Follow-up Discussion

In this follow-up piece to the Mental Health in Medical Training episode, we take a look at some common barriers students struggle with when making the decision to seek counseling for mental illness. UAB counselors share their perspective on some common concerns with seeking counseling, as well as some advice concerning effective and healthy coping mechanisms. Two former UAB medical students, now residents in their respective fields, also return to the podcast to discuss healthy vs. unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Episode Timestamps for Specific Questions/Topics:
– 2:24: Do UAB counseling offices report student mental health issues to residencies directly?
– 5:16: Counselors’ advice to students who want to seek counseling but don’t feel like they have the time to fit it into their schedules
– 8:51: Counselors’ advice to students who don’t want to go to counseling because they feel like they won’t know what to talk about or how to start
– 11:04: Counselors’ advice to students who avoid counseling because they believe that session could be better used for someone else with more pressing mental health issues
– 14:00: Advice on coping mechanisms outside of counseling
– 16:00: A discussion of healthy vs. unhealthy forms of coping
– 18:50: Information on counseling services at UAB
– 21:23: Other services at UAB aside from counseling
– 22:20: Mental health resources for specific groups

This story was produced by Ryan Murphy and Rahul Gaini. Edited by Ryan Murphy. Special thanks to Dr. Adam Beg and Dr. Alexandra Fry for sharing their experiences, and to Dr. Angela Stowe and Dr. Sandra Frazier for their insight and help with this episode.

Mental Health Resources for UAB Students:

UAB Student Counseling Services:
– Phone: (205) 934-5816
– Students may also make an appointment in their UAB Student Patient Portal

UAB School of Medicine Professional Development Office:
– Phone: (205) 731-9799
– Email (Alisa Dick, Administrative Associate): adick@uabmc.edu

SAAD, or Students with ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression, is a support group founded and led by medical students for medical students. The organization is meant to serve as a confidential, students-only environment to bring students together to speak about issues and problems they are facing. Support group meetings are open to all medical students regardless of diagnosis history. Contact Information: Isabella Mac – imak@uab.edu

Mental Health Resources Available to All Listeners:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Physician Support Line: 1-888-409-0141

The Physician Support Line is another resource that is a national, free, and confidential support line service made up of 700+ volunteer psychiatrists, joined in the determined hope to provide peer support for physician colleagues and medical students. No appointment necessary. Open 7 days a week from 8:00am – 1:00am ET.

Insight Timer is a free app that offers various self-growth courses, guided meditations, music tracks that help with sleep, and best of all a community within which everyone is on a journey to becoming the best version of themselves. There are specific guided meditations in the process of being created for medical students to be able to address difficulties in medical school such as facing challenges, acceptance, and comparison on Dr. David Resuehr’s profile — his username is @drdoesalot.

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