The Best and Worst: Endocrine and General Surgery

In the 4th episode of the “The Best and Worst” mini series, Alex Harrelson, MS2, and Shadi Awad, MS2, sit down with endocrine and general surgeon, Dr. John Porterfield, to discuss his career and what life is truly like as an endocrine and general surgeon. Tune in to also hear Dr. Porterfield discuss the importance hobbies and stress-relieving activities outside of medicine in providing a positive work/life balance. This mini series explores what life is like in different subspecialties of medicine by asking two central questions: what was the best day of your career and what was the worst day of your career?

Credits: This episode was produced by Alex Harrelson with help from Shadi Awad and edited by Ryan Murphy. Many thanks to Dr. John Porterfield who took us on a journey into what endocrine and general surgery is really like. Our theme song was produced by Tim Littman, Samuel Altonji, Steve Kim, Leah Carpenter, Corey Duke, and Ramya Singireddy. This show is made possible thanks to the support of UABSOM’s Student Senate. We used backing tracks from Bensound and The Red Thread.

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