#2: The Dog Bite Surgeon

This episode explores Birmingham in the early 1960s through the lens of one incredible surgeon’s story.


Dr. Herschell Lee Hamilton, UAB’s Dog Bite Surgeon, is pictured above. Learn more about his legacy and an endowed scholarship established in his name here.

This episode was produced by Ali Simpson, Betsy Birchall, Jui Paul, and Corey Duke. It was edited by Corey Duke. Emily Bender helped with audio transcription and Anjali Wagle helped with interviews. Blake Holloway assisted in recording sessions. Many thanks to Dr. Jack Ellis, Herschell Hamilton Jr., Majella Hamilton, the Ballard House Project, Dr. Carlton Young, and Tim Pennycuff. Our theme song was produced by Tim Littman, Samuel Altonji, Steve Kim, Leah Carpenter, Ramya Singireddy, and Corey Duke. Our show is made possible by a generous grant from UABSOM’s Student Senate. We used backing tracks by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), and The Red Thread’s Sailin On.

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